IHC Biomarker List

Immunohistochemistry (IHC) at GPEC is performed on the Leica BOND RX.

Marker [clone] Aliases Supplier Catalogue Number Host Species
ACADVL ACAD6, LCACD, VLCAD Novus Biologicals NBP1-89286 rb
ACAT2 Sigma HPA025811 rb
ARID1A [EPR13501] B120, BAF250, BAF250a, C10rf4, C1orf4, P270, SMARCF1 Abcam ab182560 rb
ARID1A [EPR13501] B120, BAF250, BAF250a, C10rf4, C1orf4, P270, SMARCF1 Abcam ab182560 rb
ARID1B [2D2] 6A3-5, BAF250b, DAN15, ELD/OSA1, KIAA1235, p250R Abnova H00057492-M01 ms
BOB1 [TG14] OBF1, POU2AF1 Leica Biosystems PA0558
Brachyury (H-210) T, TBXT Santa Cruz sc-20109 rb
BRG1 [EPNCIR111A] BAF190, FLJ39786, hSNF2b, SMARCA4, SNF2, SNF2-BETA, SNF2L4, SNF2LB, SWI2 Abcam ab110641 rb
BRG1 [GT2712] BAF190, FLJ39786, hSNF2b, SMARCA4, SNF2, SNF2-BETA, SNF2L4, SNF2LB, SWI2 Thermo MA5-31550 ms
BRM BAF190, hBRM, hSNF2a, SMARCA2, SNF2, SNF2L2, SNF2LA, Sth1p, SWI2 Sigma HPA029981 rb
CBX7 Abcam ab21873 rb
CD163 [10D6] M130, MM130, SCARI1 Leica Biosystems NCL-L-CD163 ms
CD20 [L26] B1, Bp35, MS4A1, MS4A2 Biocare BC-CM0004A ms
CD208 [1010E1.01] DC-LAMP, DCLAMP, LAMP, LAMP3, TSC403 Novus Biologicals DDX019P-100 rt
CD3-epsilon [LN10] CD3, CD3e Leica Biosystems NCL-L-CD3-565 ms
CD3-epsilon [SP6] CD3, CD3e Abcam ab16669 rb
CD79-alpha [SP18] CD79, CD79a, IGA, MB-1 Spring Bioscience M3180 rb
CD8-alpha [C8/144B] CD8, CD8a Biocare 3160 ms
CD8-alpha [C8/144B] CD8, CD8a Dako M7103 ms
CGAS C6orf150, cGAS, MB21D1 Sigma HPA031700 rb
CLU APOJ, CLI, CLU1, CLU2, KUB1, SGP-2, SP-40, TRPM-2 Abcam ab69644 rb
CRABP2 [EPR14255] CRABP-II Abcam ab183030 rb
CXCL13 [EPR23400-92] ANGIE, ANGIE2, BCA-1, BLC, BLR1L, SCYB13 Abcam ab246518 rb
CXCR5 [EPR23463-30] BLR1, CD185, MDR15 Abcam ab254415 rb
EGFR [EP22] ERBB, ERBB1 Epitomics AC-0025 rb
ER-alpha [E115] ERa, ESR1, ESR, NR3A1 Abcam ab32063 rb
ER-alpha [SP1] ER, ESR, ESR1, NR3A1 Invitrogen MA5-14501 rb
ER-beta ERb, ESR2, NR3A2 Invitrogen PA1-311 rb
FACL4 [EPR8640] ACS4, ACSL4, LACS4, MRX63, MRX68 Abcam ab155282 rb
FH [J-13] fumarase Santa Cruz sc-100743 ms
FOXJ1 FKHL13, HFH-4, HFH4 Sigma HPA005714 rb
FOXL2 BPES, BPES1 Novus Biologicals NB100-1277 gt
FOXP3 [236A/E7] AIID, DIETER, IPEX, JM2, PIDX, SCURFIN, XPID Abcam ab20034 ms
GABARAPL2 [EP4808] ATG8, ATG8C, GATE-16, GATE16, GEF2 Abcam ab126607 rb
GATA6 GATA-6 R&D Systems AF1700 gt
GDA Sigma Aldrich HPA019352 rb
GFP Abcam ab290 rb
GFP [EPR14104] Abcam ab183734 rb
GITR [D9I9D] AITR, CD357, TNFRSF18 Cell Signaling 68014S rb
GLUT1 [EPR3915] CSE, DYT18, DYT9, GLUT, HTLVR, SLC2A1 Abcam ab115730 rb
GPX4 [EPNCIR144] GPX-4, MCSP, PHGPx Abcam ab125066 rb
GRB7 [OTI6H2] Invitrogen MA5-27117 ms
H2AK119Ub [D27C4] Cell Signaling 8240 rb
H3K27me3 [C36B11] Cell Signaling 9733S rb
HER2 [SP3] CD340, ERBB2, HER-2, NEU, NGL Thermo Scientific RM-9103-S0 rb
HNF1B HNF1beta, LFB3, MODY5, TCF2, VHNF1 Sigma HPA002083 rb
INHA Sigma HPA019141 rb
Ki67 [MIB-1] MIB-, MKI67, PPP1R105 Dako M7240 ms
Ki67 [SP6] MIB-, MKI67, PPP1R105 Thermo RM-9106-S0 rb
KRT23 CK23, DKFZP434G032, HAIK1, K23, MGC26158 Sigma HPA016959 rb
KRT5 [XM26] EBS2, KRT5A Thermo MS-1896 ms
LC3B ATG8F, MAP1LC3B Abcam ab48394 rb
LDLR LDLCQ2 Sigma HPA009647 rb
LGR5 FEX, GPR49, GPR67, HG38 Novus Biologicals NBP1-28904 rb
MDM2 [2A10] HDM2, MGC5370 Abcam ab16895 ms
MERIT40 [D7Y5K] BABAM1, C19orf62, FLJ20571, HSPC142, NBA1 Cell Signaling 12711.00 rb
MLH1 [ES05] COCA2, FCC2, HNPCC, HNPCC2 Leica Biosystems NCL-L-MLH1 ms
MSH6 [EP49] GTBP Epitomics AC-0047 rb
NCL [D4C70] C23, Nsr1 Cell Signaling 14574 rb
NCL [NM95] C23, Nsr1 Abcam ab190710 ms
NPC1 SLC65A1 Sigma HPA026618 rb
panCK Abcam ab9377 rb
panCK+ [AE1/AE3+8/18] Biocare cm162a ms
PAX8 Proteintech 10336-1-AP rb
PDGFRA [D13C6] CD140a, GAS9, PDGFR2 Cell Signaling 5241.00 rb
PR [PgR 1294] NR3C3, PGR Dako M356801-2 ms
PR [SP42] NR3C3, PGR Abcam ab101688 rb
PTEN [138G6] BZS, MHAM, MMAC1, PTEN1, TEP1 Cell Signaling 9733 rb
PTEN [6H2.1] BZS, MHAM, MMAC1, PTEN1, TEP1 Dako M3627 ms
RANK CD265, FEO, LOH18CR1, PDB2, TNFRSF11A ThermoFisher PA5-80144 rb
RARRES1 LXNL, TIG1 Abcam ab198908 rb
RBP1 CRABP-I, CRBP, CRBP1, CRBPI, RBPC Abcam ab233296 rb
RUVBL1 ECP54, INO80H, NMP238, Pontin52, RVB1, TIH1, TIP49, TIP49a ThermoFisher PA5-82708 rb
SMARCB1 [25/BAF47] BAF47, hSNFS, Ini1, PPP1R144, RDT, Sfh1p, SNF5L1, Snr1 BD Transduction 612110 ms
SS18-SSX [E9X9V] Cell Signaling 72364S rb
SSX [E5A2C] Cell Signaling 23855 rb
TFRC [EPR20584] CD71, p90, TFR1 Abcam ab214039 rb
TLE1 [EPR9386(2)] ESG, ESG1, GRG1 Abcam ab183742 rb
TMEM173 ERIS, FLJ38577, MITA, MPYS, NET23, STING Sigma-Aldrich HPA038116 rb
TOMM34 [OTI2A9] HTOM34P, TOM34 Novus Biologicals NBP2-00892 ms
TSFM EF-TS, EF-Tsmt Proteintech 11701-1-AP rb
TWIST [10E4E6] ACS3, bHLHa38, BPES2, BPES3, CRS, CRS1, H-twist, SCS, TWIST1 Abcam ab175430 ms
USP7 HAUSP Abcam ab4080 rb
VIM [D21H3] Cell Signaling 5741 rb
XDH XO, XOR ThermoFisher PA5-26285 rb

2021 Faculty of Medicine Distinguished Achievement Award: Torsten O. Nielsen!

We would like to give a warm congratulations to our very own Torsten O. Nielsen for receiving the University of British Columbia’s 2021 Faculty of Medicine Distinguished Achievement Award: Excellence in Clinical or Applied Research. This award recognizes faculty members who exemplify outstanding clinical or applied research and scholarly contributions, and who are dedicated to advancing both the Faculty’s values and vision of transforming health for everyone. We are proud of you, Torsten!

For a curation of publications by the man, the myth, the legend himself, please visit: https://scholar.google.ca/citations?user=2jTP-TEAAAAJ&hl=en.

New test provides fast and accurate diagnosis of liposarcomas

Researchers have leveraged the latest advances in RNA technology and machine learning methods to develop a gene panel test that allows for highly accurate diagnosis of the most common types of liposarcoma. It quickly and reliably distinguishes benign lipomas from liposarcomas and can be performed in laboratories at a lower cost than current “gold standard” tests. The new assay is described in The Journal of Molecular Diagnostics.

Read more: https://www.elsevier.com/about/press-releases/research-and-journals/new-test-provides-fast-and-accurate-diagnosis-of-liposarcomas

C. Blake Gilks

David G. Huntsman

Jessica N. McAlpine

Tony L. Ng

Torsten O. Nielsen

David F. Schaeffer