The Genetic Pathology Evaluation Centre is a collaborative research venture of the British Columbia Cancer, British Columbia Cancer Research Centre, Anatomical Pathology Department of Vancouver General Hospital, and University of British Columbia’s Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine.

Since its inception in 2001, the Genetic Pathology Evaluation Centre has strived towards bringing cancer genomics to the bedside. Through our extensive use of tissue microarrays, for example, we have been able to associate archival pathological material from Vancouver General Hospital and other medical facilities to detailed outcome data from BC Cancer in order to assess novel cancer biomarkers. These biomarkers can then become pivotal to screening, diagnosis, prognosis, and therapy response prediction. In collaboration with leading cancer research labs from around the world, the Genetic Pathology Evaluation Centre will continue to contribute to advancements in cancer research, in the hopes that even more advances from modern cancer genomics will be brought to the bedside to improve human health.