The Genetic Pathology Evaluation Centre (GPEC) was developed in late 2001, and is a collaborative research venture of the Pathology Department at VGH and UBC, the Vancouver Prostate Centre at Vancouver General Hospital, and the British Columbia Cancer Agency.

The GPEC mission is to work towards “bringing cancer genomics to the bedside” through the use of tissue microarray technology.

Through the use of tissue microarray and other technologies, GPEC links archival pathological material from Vancouver General Hospital and other collaborating hospitals to detailed outcome data from the BC Cancer Agency for the assessment of novel cancer biomarkers. These biomarkers are studied to determine whether they are useful for diagnosis, prognostication or the prediction of response to therapy. The biomarkers studied by GPEC come from many sources including leading cancer research labs from around the world as well as the published literature (see map of collaborators). All research at GPEC is performed in accordance with institutional and provincial ethical guidelines.