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Torsten Nielsen

  • B.Sc. (UBC 91)
  • Ph.D. (McGill 96)
  • M.D.,C.M. (McGill 97)
Professor, Departments of Pathology (Full Professor since 2012, Associate Professor since 2007) and of Orthopaedics (since 2005)


Anatomical Pathology residency (UBC)
additional training at: Imperial Cancer Research Fund (London UK), Stanford University, PhenoPath laboratories (Seattle), University of Washington, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Royal Orthopaedic Hospital

Directing research in sarcoma and breast cancer; applying expression profiling data

Tissue microarrays, cDNA microarrays, sarcoma, breast cancer, predictive biomarkers, molecular oncology, experimental therapeutics

PROJECTS Please see link.

  • Associate Director, MD/PhD program, University of British Columbia (2007)
  • Senior Scholar of the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research (2008)
  • Canadian Association of Pathologists: Junior Scientist Award (2005)
  • Canadian Institutes of Health Research: New Investigator Award (2004)
  • United States & Canadian Academy of Pathology: Stowell-Orbison Award (2001)
  • Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Canada: KJR Wightman Award for Research in Medical Ethics (1998)

Please also see link.

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last updated 2010-12-15
Principal Investigators
  • C. Blake Gilks
  • David Huntsman
  • Torsten Nielsen
  • Team
  • Christine Chow
  • Dave Voduc
  • Dongxia (Doris) Gao
  • Jennifer Choo
  • Niki Boyd
  • Samuel Leung
  • Sherman Lau
  • Alumni
  • Alessandro DeLuca
  • Andy Chan
  • Ashish Rajput
  • Blaise Clarke
  • Challayne Smith
  • Cindy Ruttan
  • Diana Ionescu
  • Dmitry Turbin
  • Dustin Thomson
  • Edward Lee
  • Erika Mehl
  • Erika Yorida
  • Hamid Masoudi
  • Jen Born
  • Jenny Cromarty
  • Jon Carrick
  • Krista Marcon
  • Maggie Cheang
  • Makoto Endo
  • Martin Koebel
  • Melinda Miller
  • Nicholas Au
  • Nikita Makretsov
  • Sonja Steigen
  • Steve Kalloger
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